Karson Kovakovich is a certified executive coach and meditation teacher who also holds a PhD in Philosophy from Rutgers University. He worked for decades in the EdTech industry, leading teams through times of competitive disruption, digital transformation and M&A activity. 

Before working as an executive leader himself, Karson spent several years in the world of academia teaching at multiple universities including Rutgers, Syracuse, and the University of Wyoming. His passion for teaching is what inspired him to make the transition into coaching and mentorship. 

Karson has been practicing mindfulness meditation since 2009 and was a pioneer of bringing mindfulness into the corporate setting, leading workshops with his teams as early as 2013, well before it was widely accepted. Karson holds a 2 year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certificate taught by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, both of whom are leading figures in the field. 


“Establishing a consistent mindfulness practice is the foundation of my coaching practice – whether our goal is for optimizing health or emotional intelligence, increasing employee engagement, or working on vision and strategy, I’ve witnessed firsthand the breakthroughs that can be achieved through these powerful practices.”



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